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LEAD Comunicação

To make a Company, Product or Event become the focus of attention of its target audience, in  the most effective and comprehensive manner, requires the use of mass media.  The press office plays this role, acting as the interface between the client and the media. 

Headed by Flavia Tenorio, professional of Communication and Marketing, and her team, LEAD Comunicação has been working for more then 20 years with specialized, productive and insightful planning, in which, it’s clients  needs, actions and the client's field are identified.   


After establishing  the needs, we brain storm and create unique actions that will enable our clients needs, in a proactive way, that escapes the obvious.


Press Office

The LEAD provides all kinds of media services, such as communication strategy development, writing, editing and dissemination of media material, and news clipping gathering. Its main goal is to be the interface between the company and the media, ensuring that communication is established within appropriate criteria to the work routine of the journalists and the interests of the customer. For this, the information collected is translated into the language of the various media, in other words, we produce appropriate journalistic texts and point out good opportunities for the publication of articles and notes.

In current times, the activations in communication projects have a spotlight place.

This type of action generates content for social media and other communication tools such as press releases.

The activation actions of a brand, product or happining are not always related to large investments. We think along with Customer in productive activations and creativity in the first place!


Campaign management, social media, Public Relation (with sponsors, supporters and target audience). In events and special actions, we coordinate all activities of the press office, releases and approval of texts, production of graphics materials, partnerships with sponsors and supporters, updating the different communication channels of the company and/or event (sites, social networks, ads, etc.), among other activities.

Communication Coordination

LEAD also develops, plan and produce content for print projects and Internet. We develop customized digital content, focusing on the specific context of each site and in meeting the needs and demands of their stakeholders. Among the different types of publication and content that can be developed are newsletters, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs, brochures, institutional catalogs and inserts with the profile and the language that the customer wants to speak to your audience.



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Lead Comunicação

Segment Areas

LEAD Comunicação serves different customer profiles in the following segments:​

Visual arts, theater, cinema, sport, luxury market, tourism, fashion, and cuisine.

We still serve the business segment, creative economy, new markets and the NGO.

These 20-year of LEAD comes down to passion, strong commitment to our clients needs. We believe in what we do and go ahead with focus.


Press Tour

We invite journalists and influencers to publicize a destination, company, product or invite to an event.
e plan the best press kit, guest list, press conference and even manage suppliers.

The use of tools in the web social networking is becoming a great helper in the disclosure and customer loyalty. To attend the growing demand, LEAD developed a department focused in this operation with professional and unique displays.

We create the best strategy for your company or product with personalized and productive actions. Press Tour  We invite journalists and influencers to publicize a destination, company, product or invite to an event. We plan the best press kit, guest list, press conference and even manage suppliers

Web Strategy

Invite, receive, select "mix" of people as opinion leaders gather society, celebrities, artists, models, among others, according to each event request.

Public Relation

In a situation of crisis, the role of the press office is essential. The goal is to prevent further damage to the reputation of a company, government or personality. A good crisis management is directly reflected in business, profit and maintaining of the image of a company.

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